Getting Started


We’re stoked that you want to get freETarget running for yourself. Before you get too excited, we need to point out that freETarget is a DIY project, and you will have to put a lot of effort into building it. This is definitely not the sort of thing you can take out of the box and get shooting in an hour.

Technical Requirements

There are three major components in freETarget:

  • Target Housing, usually made from Plywood
  • Acquisition Circuit, build it yourself from the circuit drawings, or purchase assembled boards
  • PC Software, install from the web site and attach to the target and aquisition.


The target holder is usually made from wood or plexiglas/perspex and holds the sensors in the correct location. Once you get the sensors in place, connect the cable harness to the acquisition board and you’re done.

The sensors need to be mounted diagonally, at the corners of the square hole. For air pistol, the hole needs to be 16×16 centimetres, and the sensors need to be 230 milimeters apart.


The sensors connect to the acquisition board, and so long as the sensors are in the right location, the aquisition board should work straight away.

As an alternative to woodworking, the target face can also be 3D printed. The STL files can be found in the Download page.

PC Software

The PC software holds the whole thing together and displays your shots.

To install the PC software, you will have to

  • Download the installation package
  • Install on your PC
  • Install the Arduino driver found in the “driver” sub-folder
  • Connect the USB cable from the PC to the acquisition board
  • Set the correct serial port into the PC program from the setup (GEAR) icon

Running the Program

Once you have everything loaded and running, the program works pretty much as you would expect it to.

  • Use the GEAR icon to set up the target for your needs, rifle / pistol and personalize it to you.
  • Press the CONNECT button to connect the program to the target
  • Select the shooting session from the colored vertical tabs on the right
  • As shots arrive, they are displayed on the PC and saved in the log for later.

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