Building freETarget

We’re stoked that you want to get freETarget running for yourself. Before you get too excited, we need to point out that freETarget is a DIY project, and you will have to put effort into building it.

To get a working ESS, you will need to

  • Build the freETarget target holder with the circuit
  • Download the PC Client onto your Windows laptop
  • Connect everything up using a 15 meter USB cable, or wall mount DC adapter and WiFi


There are three ways you can build a freETarget

  • Download the files from GitHub the various CAD and software files are there, or;
  • Purchase the circuit and build the target holder yourself using the community made parts, or:
  • Purchase the entire target and circuit as a kit.

Once you have the target holder made, you will need to download the PC client software from the download page and install it on your PC. Here is a video from a user on his assembly.

Guide to building freETarget

Download from GitHub

This is not for the faint of heart, but if you want to understand how it works, or make changes to the software this is where it is. GitHub project page contains

  • Documentation
    • Principles of Operation
    • Technical References in source form
    • Assortment of pictures
  • Software
    • Source files for the Arduino firmware and PC Client
  • Hardware
    • Circuit diagrams (Schematics) for the various versions of the boards
    • The current Version 3.1 is available as a PDF
  • Mechanical
    • CAD files to build your own parts
    • CNC file to output directly to a 3D printer or router

Building from the GitHub archives assumes that you have the technical expertise to build the product without additional support.

Buy the Circuit and Build the Target Holder

The sensors and circuit are available assembled and tested. It is available with an optional WiFi connection. The boards are available for purchase at:

freETarget Store

Once you get that, you can download the CAD files for other components from this web site at

Sensor Base with 230mm Location Points
Sensor Mount for Sensor Base

Community made parts include:

  • A choice of sensor mounts
  • DXF files for target face plates
  • Cover parts
  • CAD files to make the complete target holder assembly

Target Kits

If you do not have access to tools to make your own target holder, you can purchase the major components as kits. Target kits are available for purchase at:

Club Target

The Club Target holder is made for small clubs that don’t want to spend a fortune getting Electronic Scoring Systems for their members.

Club Target Holder with Five Bull Target
Assembly with Target Plate removed

The Club Target holder comes with a plywood target plate that can be assembled for Air Pistol, AirRifle, or a Five Bull Air Rifle.

Competition Target Holder

The Competition Target Holder is a full featured system with Witness Paper drive and LED illumination

Competiton Target with Rifle Face Plate

The Competition Target Holder comes with a choice of Pistol or Rifle Target Plates made from 16 gauge steel.

Competition Kit

Plywood parts laid out before assembly

Witness Paper Drive

The best results are obtained when using Witness Paper to identify each shot and make a consistent hole for recognizing the location. A complete withness paper assembly is available

Witness Paper Driver Assembly