Community Made Parts

Many community members have made piece parts available for use. Check the pages for the part that most meets your needs, download the file, and have them made locally.

Parts can usually be made locally. Search for 3D printing (my city). It should turn up a list of local printers. Prices may range from low 10’s to close to 100’s depending on the size and materials used.


The sensor mounts come in a variety of configurations:

Separate base and mount – Easy to assemble

Integrated base and mount – Good for small printers.

Download the .zip file and choose the one best for your needs.

Target Holders

Choose the target holder for your discipline

Most use conventional target paper, and there are special purpose ones too.

Piece Parts

Piece parts are the small things that make the target easier to use.

There are a lot of parts here so have fun.

CAD Files

Fusion 360 CAD files to make the Competition or Club targets.