Building freETarget


We’re stoked that you want to get freETarget running for yourself. Before you get too excited, we need to point out that freETarget is a DIY project, and you will have to put effort into building it. This is definitely not the sort of thing you can take out of the box and get shooting in an hour.

Build the Target Holder

Bring your own PC or laptop

Download the software

Build or purchase the hardware

Buy the 15 meter cable harness from Amazon or locally

Buy the USB A to B cable locally or from Amazon

You will need to make your own target holder from wood, or the 3D printed files from this web site.


Bring your own laptop or PC to run the software

The application software is available on this website as a download

The signal processing hardware is provided on the GitHub site, or can be purchased through this web site.


Signal processing board

Programmed Arduino

Five sensor boards

Cable Harness

Assembled, calibrated, and tested.

You will need a 15 meter USB cable to connect the control unit to your PC.

This can be purchased locally or ordered on Amazon.

You will also need a USB A to B cable to connect the 15 meter USB cable to the Arduino

This can be purchased locally or ordered on Amazon

Guide to building freETarget
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