Piece Parts

These are the small parts you can use to make your project better

Arduino Base

Install the Arduino into your target holder with this base plate. Provides mounting studs and USB cable strain relief

Arduino Base

Arduino Cover

Plastic cover to protect the circuit

Sensor Base

Single assembly that holds all of the sensor at the correct distance apart for a Pistol Target

Sensor Base

ESP-01 WiFI Mount

Simple pad to securely attach the ESP-01 for WiFI applications

ESP-01 WiFI Mount

Sensor Mount

Sensor mount that attaches to the sensor base. Print four for each target.

Sensor Mount

Face Sensor Mount

Face sensor mount that connects the microphone to the face plate while shielding from ambient sounds.

Needs V3.8.3 or higher

LED Strip Attachment

Holds the LED strip securely in place. Print 12 recommended

Light Clip

Download the zip file below which contains the STL files for each of these pieces.

Extract the part you need and print it yourself, or send it to a service bureau.

Sensor Cover

Small plastic cover to protect the circuit

Simple Piece Parts

This selection is the basic parts needed to hold the target and mount the sensors onto your target holder