freETarget – Open Source Electronic Target

This is the site for building your own electronic rifle or pistol target

What is FreETarget?

Virtually all competitions are now held on electronic targets. They have the advantage of providing instantaneous feedback without the necessity of peering through a scope or scoring with a plug gauge. Unfortunately, they are expensive and outside of the means of most shooters.

So what to do?

Given the success of various open source projects such as Linux or Open Office, it seems to make sense that somebody try to make an open source electronic target.

freETarget – Free E Target

FreETarget is an opensource Electronic Scoring Target (EST) project where the parts to make the target, electronics, and visualization software is available online and can be assembled by anybody.

Who can use freETarget?

freETarget is open source, so anybody who has the technical expertise to install software on a PC should be able to make their own freETarget.

  • Advanced amateurs
  • 4H Clubs
  • Scout troops

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How do I get started?

There are three ways you can build freETarget.

  • Download the design files and build your own from scratch, or;
  • Purchase a circuit assembly and build your own from the Community Made Parts, or;
  • Purchase a target kit and assemble it

Download Design Files

All of the technical documentation can be found at


This is a conventional github repository that contains the hardware and software documentation that you would need to make a freETarget yourself.

There are three major elements:

  • The target sensor and acquisition electronics
  • The target housing
  • The PC visualization software

Each of these is in a separate folder

Community Made Parts

To get started, the circuit is available as a complete-tested-assembly. Purchase the circuit and the community made parts include 3D parts, DXF files, CAD files, and machine tooling files.

Download the 3D files and you can make an electronic target at home

Target Kits

For shooters who don’t have access to carpentry tools, the target kits are available so that you can easily build your own ESS

Club Target

For small clubs or beginners the Club Target provides a low cost way of assembling the circuit and target into a reliable training aid.

Competition Target

The Competition Target kit is a full featured electronic target. The kit includes

  • Circuit
  • Witness Paper Drive
  • Target Housing
  • Choice of Rifle or Pistol face plate

Witness Paper Drive

freETarget uses the sound of the paper tearing as the pellet or bullet goes through the target. For good shooters who routinely shoot through the same hole, subsequent shots are sometimes not registered correctly. To get around this problem, the witness paper drive moves a fresh piece of paper into the target area after each shot.


Shooting is a dangerous sport if safety and caution is not followed.

Ensure that you always follow the rules and wear protective gear when shooting.

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