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Available Parts

Circuit $200US, WiFi $30. Postage $30


The circuit consists of

  • Programmed Arduino Mega 2560
  • Sensors (North – East – South – West – Face)
  • Signal processing board
  • Cable Harness

Witness Paper Transport

Witness paper transport with MultiFunction Switches $95US, $40 postage

Witness Paper Drive

The witness paper drive comes fully assembled and ready to be put onto the signal processor board.

Includes multifunction switches for easy use.

Competition Target Holder

Complete kit for full featured Electronic Scoring System. $495US and $40 postage in the US, $90 shipping world wide

Competition Target Holder

Complete kit


  • Circuit above
  • Witness paper transport above
  • Cabinet
  • Target face plate (Specifiy Pistol or Rifle)

Does not include

  • LED Illumination
  • Bullet trap

Club Target Holder

The lowest cost way to get an Electronic Scoring System $295 plus $40 in the US, $60 shipping world wide

Club Target Holder

Simple Electronic Scoring System


  • Circuit
  • Sensor frame
  • Plywood face plate


The face plate is made from plywood and will not protect the circuit outside of the 1 ring of the selected target

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