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Send Us a Message – Get Boards

Sample boards are available for developers.

The first 20 are prototypes, so expect that you will may have to do some work to get them finished. Please do not expect them to work as accurately as the ones that are ISSF approved. One day maybe, but not today. Our tests show good results, in the black, but decreasing accuracy as you move away from the centre.

These are sold with the following understanding.

1 – Prototypes. Do not expect perfection.

2 – No refunds, but software updates will be made available as we go along.

3 – Includes: Arduino, signal processing board, four sensors, internal cable harness.

4 – Does not include the 10 meter USB harness, that comes from Amazon

5 – Supports external motor drive for witness paper and wifi (needs adapter)

Email us with your address and we’ll get back with a delivery date and a cost.

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