Here is the software and documentation you need to make your own freETarget.

You can either visit the main project page or follow the quick links below.

PC Software
The source files are available on the Github, and you can build your own using the VisualStudio hobby edition

The most recent version can be downloaded here:

Once you download it, unzip the files and follow the instructions.

Warning! Installing version 3.x will overwrite the old (v1.x and v2.x) database with a new empty one. All saved sessions will be lost.

User guid for the PC software

Arduino Firmware

Intel hex file containing the latest released firmware. The instructions are

  • Download the firmware (link below)
  • Unzip the file (remember where you left it)
  • Open the PC client program
  • Use the Firmware Upload button to begin the process

See the Application note below for more instructions.


Beta Release Candidate

3.8.4 C13 has a number of corrections to the WiFi driver.

  • Corrects hang if the WiFi server drops
  • Bug fix to allow for multiple WiFi connections
  • Logging to identify when connections take place
  • Connection status displayed in ECHO command
  • New algorithm for detecting face strikes

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