Here is the software and documentation you need to make your own freETarget.

You can either visit the main project page or follow the quick links below.

Acquisition Hardware
You can build the aquisition hardware from the github page, or purchase a complete circuit for $175 US plus postage. Send an email from the contact page to arrange purchase.

You will also need a 16 meter USB cable from Amazon, or similar will do

Target Holder
The target holder is used to hold the sensors in the correct location and protect the circuit board.

The basic mechanical drawing are available here:

You can add a back stop, bullet trap, or any other feature you want so long as the sensor locations are respected.

Changing the sensor location will have an adverse effect on the accuracy of your target, so be careful. The PC program does have a calibration feature, but it can’t fix all problems.

Target Face 3D models

Another option to build the target face, instead of plexiglas or plywood, is to 3D print it.

The 3D model is 300x380mm, so a big 3D printer is required.

These are the STL files for the 3D printer:

PC Software
The source files are available on the Github, and you can build your own using the VisualStudio hobby edition.

The most recent version can be downloaded here:

Once you download it, unzip the files and follow the instructions.

Arduino Firmware

Intel hex file containing the latest released firmware.

Download the file

Unzip it

Use the PC program to download

Version 3.1.7 Beta

Interface Control Document

Details for interfacing to the hardware and software

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