Community Made Parts

Many community members have made piece parts available for use. Check the links below for the part that most meets your needs, download the file, and have them made locally.

Parts can usually be made locally. Search for 3D printing (my city). It should turn up a list of local printers. Prices may range from low 10’s to close to 100’s depending on the size and materials used.

Arduino Base

Install the Arduino into your target holder with this base plate. Provides mounting studs and USB cable strain relief

Arduino Base

Sensor Base

Single assembly that holds all of the sensor at the correct distance apart for a Pistol Target

Sensor Base

ESP-01 WiFI Mount

Simple pad to securely attach the ESP-01 for WiFI applications

ESP-01 WiFI Mount

Sensor Mount

Sensor mount that attaches to the sensor base. Print four for each target.

Sensor Mount

LED Strip Attachment

Holds the LED strip securely in place. Print 12 recommended

Light Clip

Download the zip file below which contains the STL files for each of these pieces.

Extract the part you need and print it yourself, or send it to a service bureau.

Simple Piece Parts

This selection is the basic parts needed to hold the target and mount the sensors onto your target holder

Quarter Sensor Mount

This is an integrated part that combines the sensor mount with a jig to ensure that the spacing and alignment are correct.

  • Print out four of these
  • Glue the four parts together
  • For the first three pieces, do one joint at a time, and clamp. Glue the two joints for the last piece at the same time. Be careful when clamping that the joint being glued doesn’t buckle

  • Centre the desired target between the sensors and use this as a template to position the target holder pieces to the frame. Glue and clamp these to the other side.
  • Steel Target Face

    These are rectangular steel plates used to mount the target and protect the sensors. When installed on the sensor modules, the target is 10mm from the sensors.

    Blank plate that lets you locate the mounting holes in a convenient place

    Air Rifle Target Plate

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