Technical Documentation

Technical documents to help you build and maintain your freETarget are here

Building freETarget

These are the instructions for assembling freETarget from parts to a complete target

Commissioning the System

Once you have the target and circuit assembled, this document helps you to do the final steps to get your system working.

Setting the Trip Point

freETarget works by listening for the sound of the projectile passing the microphones. In a perfect world, you want to set this as low as possible, but in the real world the sound of other shots might set it off. This document lets you adjust the trip point to your environment.

Downloading Firmware

Firmware updates to the Arduino can be downloaded through the PC program. The most recent software is available on the downloads tab of this web site. Instructions to flash the firmware are here:

Target Illumination

freETarget Version 3 and higher supports a LED strip to illuminate the target. The installation instructions are here:

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